Sunday, July 27, 2008

we interrupt our scheduled misery.....

for the few remaining bloggers who're sticking by us while we go through h*ll -

K wakes up soaking wet most mornings, through no fault of his own or the diaper because really, there's only so much that can be held in. We're in the largest size diaper so it's not like we can move up a size. I've heard all sorts of odd things like attaching a pad to the front to help absorb the extra, to double diapering him at night. Neither one of those options is appealing.

Any suggestions? Do the Huggies Overnights help? Anything would be appreciated, more because I hate for K to wake up wet than my dislike of doing laundry every other day. Seriously, what kind of mood would you be in if you woke wet with p*ss every morning? Exactly!

Friday, July 25, 2008

tiny glimmer + pre-emptive hope =

black hole.
and what does a black hole do? suck the light out of being and dissolve any hope that might dare attempt to show itself.

i'm a fool for even trying to be positive during this.

a damn fool.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

thank you sir, may we have another!

because, you know, we LOVE being kicked when we're already down -
we begin the weekend with J being laid off from his job.

in addition to that struggle, we face:
not being able to move now, and
most likely not being able to get K into the preschool/childcare place he was schedule to begin

fucking fantastic!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Much Better

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Because We're the Family of the Year, Dammit!

Yes, the title is ours (at least for a little while). I am the one who let a certain curse phrase (ie: what the h*ll) slip out and who should decide to repeat it over and over and over.........? well, hey, J let the sh*t word out and we were serenaded all the way home with it.


Our "damned if you do, damned if you don't" moment of the week:
K is in alternate care until he starts at the new place. In the meantime, we decided to not file a complaint against beeyatch. Why? Well, because we don't know what her reaction will be to that. It would be pretty obvious that it was us who made the complaint so the anonyminity would be gone. Plus, if beeyatch decides to follow up her petti-ness so far, she could call CPS on us and make a false claim. Granted, they wouldn't know it was false but the damage would be done just the same. Do we jepordize our family for the sake of putting a mark on someone's record? That is indeed the question, now isn't it?!

About a month ago, a family took their daughter home and noticed that she was favoring a leg. They took her to the DR and found out that she had a fracture. When the parents reported the daycare, CPS came by and "after determining the child was at risk" they took the daughter away from her family for 4 days. Then CPS returned the girl because there was nothing to substiantiate the claim. WTF? WTF, indeed! The parents were trying to keep their child safe and protect others from suffering the same fate and what did they get in return? The big F-U from people who hide behind claims they can't prove.

So, for now, we're just moving on. I feel like we should say something to the higher-ups (ie the State) and have it put on her record, however since we wouldn't be anonymous I feel like our personal safety would be at risk. She's done nothing but exhibit defensive, cold-hearted behavior thus far and I wouldn't put it past her to take it up a notch. She is just that petty.

isn't it amazing how well the justice system doesn't work?!

Monday, July 7, 2008

the consumate professional.........NOT!

So we found alternate care for the next 2 weeks and he seemed to do just fine today.
no fighting, no hogging toys, ate lunch well, took a good nap, etc.

J called early this morning to let provider know K wouldn't be coming to her place anymore. (She is an in-home daycare). She said fine and hung up on him. After work he went to provider's house to pickup a couple of K's things and she refused to sign the payment log for taxes and closed the door in his face.

so that makes the tally:
un-professional - check
un-cooperative - check
un-remourseful/un-apologetic: check
defensive (via hanging up on him/closing door in his face/refusing to sign the log) - check.

So there it is. I can get copies of the cancelled checks from our account online and just attach all of the information regarding what happened together for taxes. I have proof that we paid for services so the tax log shouldn't be an issue. She can deal with her own taxes. Beeeyatch!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

It's on, BEE-YATCH!

Yesterday I got to leave early from work and decided to go pick up K early. I didn't announce that I was coming because I like to see how things are really going.

Anyway, when I arrived the other kids were outside playing and one of the girls said that K was inside and had been crying. I went inside and there was no one in the main room and as I started to go through the hallway to the playroom, the provider was coming from the playroom towards me and I overhead her say "I should smack him." She didn't know I was there until after she had said it.

Now, K is the only boy there and since he was the only boy in the playroom it stands to reason that she was talking about him.

I asked what happened and she said that he woke up crying and didn't want anything to do with her. I asked what she had tried to do to comfort/help him and she said that she told him if he wanted to cry he could stay in the playroom and cry while the other kids went outside.

Needless to say, we are LIVID! J called her and asked what happened and told her what I had heard her say. Her voice changed and got low and serious and she said that she never said that to him. Granted, she didn't say that directly to his face, but she said it none-the-less. I know what I heard and I know the tone of voice in which it was said. I don't PAY people to talk that way about my son.

Then she told J that he was just difficult and she didn't know what to do. Now, this lady has been doing daycare for 10+ years and has all these fancy credentials and training - but she doesn't know how to work with a 2 year old?! Then she started blaming K for not being the perfect well-mannered child! Um, BEE-YATCH, he's TWO! Show me a well-mannered 2 year old and I'll bend over and kiss your ass until the end of time.

I completely understand how frustrating it is when he gets in one of his moods, but even still, I don't say that to him or call him names. We also will not put up with anyone else who does.

On a side note, but still related, we were already looking for somewhere else to take him to. We found one that is more pre-school like and has a good routine that I think K needs. He is a creature of habit and does really well with that. It's the un-structured places that are not helping him. The down side is that she's on vacation for 2 weeks. Therefore our holiday weekend will be spent trying to find alternate care. I don't want to do that to K, but at the same time I don't want to take him back to the bee-yatch. We turned in our notice so technically she has to watch him for 2 weeks, but if there's anyone else we can find we'll take it.

So damn!