Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tread carefully in these woods

Sitting a moderately priced restaurant yesterday in a booth towards the
back, we are eating our dinner and generally not bothering anyone.
Sure, K doesn't always remember to use his "inside" voice, but he's 2
and still figuring out how much range he has.

So anyway, he gets a bit loud/over-excited and we remind him to speak
softer, etc. Out of the corner of my eye I notice an elderly woman flip
around in her chair to see what the ruckus was. Yes, it was a 2 year
old. Now I wouldn't be phased by this if she did it once or twice - but
this woman turned around fiercely in her chair to stare at us EACH AND
EVERY time K got a bit loud. Now mind you, he wasn't being Walmart
screaming his head off loud, just over-excited loud. Yes, there is a

Then when we left, K said loudly again "Time to go, Mommy" and as I was
getting up I noticed elderly man (sitting next to elderly woman) hold
his hands up to his ears (as if that would really help).
I didn't say anything to them but waited until we were out in the car to
vent. And now I'm doing it here. I'm so annoyed by people who act as
though having a young child makes us second-rate citizens; that children
should be seen and not heard, blah, blah f-itty blah, blah!! Seriously,
that's how those people made me feel - like we were such an impositionn
because we brought a 2 year old to dinner with us.

Soooo, ehhx-cuuuuuuuse meeeeeeee OLD PEOPLE!! Please forgive us for
daring to think we have the right to go outside the four walls of our
home with our son - what in the hell were we thinking!
Better yet, OLD PEOPLE, go p*ss up a rope! I'm through apologizing. K
is 2 and by god I'm going to let him be 2. Yes, I will be mindful of
his boundary testing, but I'm not going to force him to act "just so"
because other people / OLD PEOPLE can't accept the fact that he's 2! If
I can deal with his "fainting-goat" tantrums and uber-picky eating
habits - then everyone else can too!

On another note, I get an email from stuck-up relative that she didn't
invite us to her son's birthday party because they're just having a
small get-together in 7th-gateway-to-hell town. This is of course AFTER
THE FACT. Well exxxxx-cuuuuse us! Nothing like having our faces rubbed
in the dirt after the party happened....hell, we didn't even warrant an
email shunning before the party occurred.
Well, efff you too!

Hey, new daycare provider - yes, I do give my son juice and he does
watch tv! Ohhhh the humanity indeed! I like you, but don't push it
because I have no qualms about choosing someone else to keep a watchful
eye on K during the day. I'd prefer to not have to go through that
again, but I'm at that point. Oh, and keep in mind that this is MY
FIRST KID so I'm winging it here. I'm choosing my battles and figuring
out what lines are ok for K to cross and which ones aren't. I think I'm
entitled to a learning curve, not to mention that I'm NO WHERE CLOSE to
being the worst parent out there, so bat your disapproving "juice and tv"
eyes somewhere else.
I'm done trying to keep up with making people happy. All I end up doing
is apologizing - my recent months have been one big sorry-fest and I'm
sick of it.
If I truly do something wrong, then yes, I will say "sorry". However if
it's because other people expect us to act a certain way, live in a
certain place, blah, blah....well, forget it. I'm through trying to
bend our lives around other people's expectations.

So there it is. Am I p*ssy? You bet. Tread carefully in these

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recap 2

Hi, how you doin'?
We got a new camera that is a bit better with keeping up with a 2 year old. Our previous one works ok but there is that infamous delay between pressing the button and when the camera takes the picture. Meaning that K is halfway around the world by the time the shutter clicks.
With this one, well, it's so nice you can see K's boogers! Now THAT is impressive!

It also takes very nice video and that's coming next.

What else is new...
Well, we are looking at buying a house. We are only in the pre-qualification stage of getting the loan so there's not much to tell. We had been considering moving into a 3 bedroom apartment however the monthly rent for it rivals the worst mortgage a person could have so we figured we'd try for a home loan and go from there. I'm subscribing to the "if it's meant to be, it will be" philosophy. If we have to stay put in our current place, then so be it. The monthly rent for this isn't too bad. We just couldn't justify paying the 3 bedroom rate and not really having much to show for it.

So anyway, that's it for now. I'm going to go play with the new camera.

UPDATE - Video

Friday, May 2, 2008

Time is of the Essence

It's taken me a week to write this mainly because by the time we get home, spend time with K and have 30 minutes to ourselves before collapsing in an exhausted heap in bed - well, I'm just too damn tired. It's good, though, mostly. My work days are full and busy and that is soooooo much better than the other place.

Anyway, K's mini "party" went ehhh. We invited J's parents, his sister and husband and their daughter and my mom. They were all late....let me say that again....they were ALL late. When they did finally get here (after 30 minutes) K was tired and cranky and only stayed up for maybe 30 more minutes. So that totally sucked! I don't hold ill will toward J's parents because they rode with his sister and she has serious issues with being on-time to practically any function. J's parents have also helped us out a lot and when they drive up on their own, they are always early. The others, however, suck donkey b*lls! So we opened K's presents after they left because he went down for a nap and wasn't awake when they left.

Lets see, anything else....oh, I've been on weight watchers for a week and did ok. I didn't loose anything but this is the week before the crimson beeeyatch appears so that's not at all surprising. I'm going to stick to it, though.

I think that's about it, really. Oh, we're going up to J's parents tomorrow for early cinco de mayo and J's sister is going to be there. the one who can't be on time for much, the one who puts her 15 month old daughter to bed at 10 PM (no that's not a typo), the one who lets her daughter nap "whenever" and doesn't have any kind of routine set up, the one whose daughter has to fit in around her mother's neurotic non-schedule....
I can't quite fathom how they manage with their inconsistancy. Of course, I love routine so that's probably why sister's antics seem so alien to me.