Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PC Repair Invoice for In-laws

1 PC Case $32.00
2 Winnie the Pooh Stickers for the outside $50.00
3 PC Power Supply $85.00
4 Repairs for buying the wrong power supply $100.00
5 PC MSI Micro-ATX Mother Board???? $285.00
6 Books and CD's to learn about mother boards $100.00
7 25 Cups of Starbuck's Coffee to help read them $130.00
8 Intel 2.6 Gigahertz Pentium 4 Processor???? $68.00
9 Gas and Mileage to take food processors back upon realizing they weren't the same things $75.00
10 Dr. Apt. for Anxiety $30.00
11 Rx for Xanex $60.00
12 1 Gigahertz RAM $65.00
13 Cable Bill for national geographic channel to try and find out what kind of damn ram is a Gigahertz RAM $10.00
14 Six Pack to help watch the National Geographic Channel $50.00
15 50 Gigahertz Maxtor Hard Drive??? $25.00
16 More beer because my Giga-Hurts $30.00
17 30 Gigahertz Maxtor Hard Drive??? $45.00
18 Switched to Windser and Coke because I still can't figure out why my Giga-Hurts $80.00
19 Windows Operating System $650.00
20 Took PC to ER (Drunk) thinking it needed some form of operation???? $100.00
21 More Xanex $50.00
22 Microsoft 2003 Office Professional Suite???? $80.00
23 Closest thing I could find was Micro-Motel Office Suite Rental room 2003???? $350.00
24 LG DVD/CD-ROM Drive $50.00
25 ?????? $75.00
26 More Xanex $100.00
27 Memorex DVD/CD-RW Drive $25.00
28 ???? Is is live or Memorex????? $50.00
29 More Xanex and Beer $20.00
30 3.5 Floppy Drive $675.00
31 Bail - for punching out some snot-nosed tech-person after arguing with him about why my drive is floppy and it shouldn't be $125.00
32 More Xanex and Beer $50.00
33 Garbage service for trashing the whole damn thing!!!!! $25.00
34 General Labor $1,000.00
35 Blood, Sweat and Tears (Also some skin) $8,000.00

for once

i had the upper hand!

just after 9am killjoy came and told me that we'd have our exit interview at 3pm today.
at that point i realized that she fully expected me to work the entire day. and at that point i decided it was time for me to just go.

at 9:45am i went to killjoy's office and placed my time sheet and access card on her desk and told her:

me: i'm going to go ahead and call it a day

killjoy: (speechless, jaw dropped open and she got a bit bug-eyed) well, we need to do this exit interview

me: i'm not interested in participating in that. i don't have anything to add to what i put in my resignation letter (which was nothing anyway)

killjoy: (still speechless and staring at the time sheet and card)

me: yeah, i haven't done much of anything over the past few days and i can't justify just sitting there doing nothing for another whole day. plus, as of 9:15am this morning i fufilled my 2 week obligation so i'm going to go.

killjoy: ok, well good luck. (said very quietly, almost mousy-like - which is totally unlike her UNLESS she is caught by suprise)

me: sure. (then i left her office, got my coat, said some final goodbyes and left the building)
this whole time (and even throughout my entire time working under her), killjoy has always seemed to be a step ahead. she "knew" i was looking for a job, she "knew" i was doing this or that, she "knew" blah, blah blah...

well this time, she did NOT know this was coming. the look on her face of utter shock and her being practically speechless made the event that much sweeter.

so there it is. i'm done.

so what do people do at 10:40 am on a wednesday? LOL

hell ya!

so my out of office assistant is on and i so love the fact that i can put on there that i've moved on and i'm passing the buck to killjoy!

i don't anticpate being here after noon. as of 9:15 AM this morning, i will have fulfilled my 2 week notice (if they want to get picky about it).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

hey, wtf mom?!

K has a keen sense of what is right in his world and what is not.
should mommmy try to switch one of his blankets out so that it can be washed - well, there will be a chourus of "bank-et? bank-et? bank-et?"
followed by "bank-et!!! bank-et!!! bank-et!!! bank-et!!!" until the switch has been undone.

k will also
pick up fuzz and bring it over to me to put away
straighten and line up his cars/trains in perfect order
freak out if his tent "leg" doesn't lay flat
help me pick up his toys (after some prodding)

yes, i'm raising monk and there will be hell to pay if you mess up his world!


receptionist/supervisor decided to not finish 2 bids yesterday and left them for me to do today. when i got in this morning there was a stack of bids waiting so i promptly took the 2 from yesterday back up to her to do because hey, i had a stack of shit to do and she could've gotten them done yesterday if she wasn't so damn lazy!
heehee, the look of dread on her face was classic.
thing is, she does this all the time and today i wasn't going to pick up the pieces.

accounting gal is having to order lunch for the management meeting and she is up in arms because she's never done it. um, all you do is call the food place, tell them what each person wants, the pickup time and give them the payment info. it's not fucking rocket science!

good lord! they will be f*cked if they act like this.......
i wish i could be a fly on the wall!

Monday, February 25, 2008

feigning interest

so here i sit, waiting for whatever to do. part of me wants to just call it good and end my tenure today while the other part says i should do the "right thing" and work through wednesday.
problem is, why should i do the right thing for a company that hasn't done squat for me in quite some time and had written me off from any upward mobility almost a year ago?
yeah, i don't know either. so in the meantime, here i sit, pretending like i give a shit.
oh who am i kidding, i'm not pretending at all!

Friday, February 22, 2008

way 2 go miss thang!

so somehow in the last 24 hours the database that client leads are imported into has become un-accessible.
i find it interesting that as of my leaving yesterday, it was working just fine and today guess who started working with said database.....yes, the perfectly un-qualified, inexperienced receptionist/supervisor!

sure, maybe there are strange things afoot, but my bets on receptionist/supervisor did something to screw it up because she's the one that tries to open an excel document in word.

bring it!

go ahead jackass sales manager, i dare you to say something snide to me or to get huffy! i double dog fucking dare you to because i'm just looking for a reason to be done with this place early - and you're as good a reason as any!

jackass sales manager and i passed each other in the hallway and he gave me that "get the eff outta my way, bitch" look. i would so love to just march up to killjoy's office and say "i'm done with this place and i'm not taking his crap anymore."

so bring it, jackass, BRING IT!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

say anything #1

i'm so "borrowing" this idea from christy's post where you just start writing whatever pops into your head in one long stream of *$!@#&%$%$&*.


i'm bored! freakin' bored of being bored. of course someone will come and disrupt me with a project that just has to be done right this second because they forgot about it and, like, oh my god - you're leaving?! you can't leave....blah, blah, blah-fuckity-blah, blah.
moments like this at current job serve as a blazing reminder of why i'm leaving for new job. they only appreciate you when you've got one foot out the door...

i was a stupid-head and went to a certain messageboard to catch up with someone who has a boy k's age. this endeavor serves to make me feel like shit because her boy says 4 word sentenences and knows at least 150 words! k is talking like a maniac, but no where near that. i wonder if she'd be impressed by k's bitch-slapping skillzzzzz - he does, after all, practice on me with regularity.

i keep checking the celebrity gossip sites because, well, i'm bored!

i'm so over j and i having the bronchitis plague. it can leave our home anytime now. i've lost track of what antibiotics have been administered and to who.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

what part of

"here's my 2 week notice and i don't give a damn" are you not understanding?!

seriously, since killjoy/drama queen started blabbing to everyone under the sun about me leaving suddenly all these "projects" are being presented to me. Um people, here's a newsflash for you -


so stop bringing me this shit that you think i'm going to finish up before i leave because, unless i really like you (of which there are maybe 2 people), i'm not going to do it! what are you going to do? tell my boss on me? go ahead, i'll point you to where her office is and you can go cry your effing head off to her!

i'm being decent enough to work out my notice, but i'm not altruistic. i'm not doing anything more than i absolutely have to. so p*ss off!

Monday, February 18, 2008

for the boy

who likes dogs, trains, cars, planes, fish, moon and stars...

i'm at a point where k's room needs to be updated. problem is that he likes so many different things that trying to choose one "theme" is not feasible. i thought of getting some Wallies from each thing (see above) and putting them up all over. but then it would make his walls look cluttered and that would drive me insane.

in case you haven't guessed, i'm totally shopping for ideas, pictures - whatever you got!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

drama queen fun

i should've nicknamed killjoy "drama queen" instead! i discovered from people who've found out about my departure from her that ever since giving my notice, killjoy has been "did ya hear...?" to practically anyone who passes by her office! she's playing the pity-me card to anyone who'll listen.

then i noticed the posting for my job in the break room and found mis-spellings.

apparently discretion regarding employees and detailed proof-reading are not requirements for someone in her position.

always the consumate professional! NOT!

of course, watching this all unfold is sofaking hilarious! if they only knew what's coming when i'm not here to deal with the azzhat sales reps, maintain the databases and create the pdfs among other things.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

and there u go, killjoy! ***updated

so i couldn't wait until friday. I just gave killjoy the news and like i suspected, she figured that i had been looking for a while, like a year! when i told her that i felt under-utilized in my current position, she admitted that she knew that and wasn't sure how to rememdy it.
i suppose i could take that two ways: 1. that if she thought way, why didn't she at least try to give me a reason to stay or 2. while she "appreciated" my work ethic (putting up with shit everyday) she could honestly care less if i stayed or went.

either way, i don't care, i'm outta here in 2 weeks.

UPDATE: ms high & mighty receptionist/supervisor blah, blah, blah is giving me the silent treatment. wanna know why...? because she's flippin' the fuck out! LMAO!!! she does this to people when they "upset" her plans. she better get over it because she's inheriting jackass sales mgr and mr. i'm-gonna-intimidate-you-to-do-it-my-way newbie sales rep.

is it bad to be enjoying this sooooooooooooooooo much?!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Freakin' Sweet, part 2

ok, now that i've come down a teensy-weensy bit from my job offer high (LOL) i'm ecstatic to announce that an opportunity to work with law firm is mine. i've sent the acceptance letter back and after confirming start dates, etc, i'll be all set to stick it to killjoy and ms. high & mighty receptionist/supervisor.

there is a mandatory employee meeting this friday that i'll go to and get my 5 year stick up the ass award because maybe it will be something nice. i doubt it since last year the 5 year award was a duffle bag. yup, a d.u.f.f.l.e. b.a.g. anyway, promptly at 4 PM I will submit my resignation to killjoy. why wait until then? because if the roles were reversed they'd stick it to me on a friday right before i left and not think twice about it.

so there you go! thank you to all who've "listened" to my ranting and general pissy-ness! friday can't get here soon enough!


I have just been offered and accepted a position with a law firm and it is incredible!
as peter griffin would say:

freakin' sweet!

Monday, February 11, 2008

unprecedented, part 2

congrats to christy for the correct answer!

of course, i'm still waiting to hear back from them. i also just got back from a meeting today and have 2 more set up for this week.

now if i could only get that elusive offer......

Friday, February 8, 2008


guess what i had 4 of today?

(i will reveal it once i have a clear idea of what direction things are going).

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

airing dirty laundry

apparently i don't do anything right here (work) - or very few think so and they don't bother to speak up because pretty much all i hear are the things i do wrong.

i get interviews set up for other jobs but nothing seems to come of them - mainly because the pay range is much lower than what i'm making now (which isn't THAT much - hell, I'm below the industry average for this position so what's the fucking deal?!)

my mom is going through a rough time (unemployed since December, her room-mate is kicking her out at the end of this week, she just had knee surgery...) & i can't figure out if she's really trying to remedy the state she's in or if she's "winging it". we're trying to help as much as we can, but are limited. we live in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment so putting her up with us isn't an option. plus, we trek up 4 flights of stairs to get to our place. she wouldn't be able to do that with a bum knee. not to mention, situations like this can cause her to make somewhat desperate decisions and those never end well...never. supposedly she has friends who are helping her out but i worry that she'll take advantage of them. there's a long back story to this (like YEARS) but trust me, she's not up front about a lot of things.

the "kicker" is that above mother just emailed me and suggested that i should play the "race card" to get a job because my grandfather was/is hispanic. um, yeah.....NOT! seriously people, this is how she thinks - find a way to "cheat" the system and milk it for all its worth! WTFFF?!

thank you, but no thank you. i'll stick to being mrs. whitey mcwhiteypants and deal with the preconceived notion that all irish people are drunk potato farmers with fierce tempers and knocked up wives.

Friday, February 1, 2008


i know that i missed the "official" delurking week, but i'm curious as to who stops by.

have i driven people away due to my job dung rants?
(in which case ignore the coming soon post about me being wishy-washy)

am i too an*l-retentive?
(then ignore the post about me becoming a brand snob for chocolate and underwear - HA! that ought to bring some interesting hits)

anyway, curiousity is getting the best of me, so say hello.