Tuesday, August 19, 2008


While waiting for the Poll results, sing along with me now (to the tune of Van Morrison's song "Gloria"):

P-O-T-T-Y potty
P-O-T-T-Y potty
I'm gonna shout it all night potty
I'm gonna shout it every day potty
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,
Looks so fun potty
All right, feel so good potty
All right, yeah now

(Do you think K will buy it?)

We've managed a few times (what am I saying, K has managed) to sit on the potty seat. He likes it some times and other times has such an aversion to it you'd think it ate his cookie. So, I'm making a chart and every time he sits on the potty (regardless of if anything actually happens) he gets a sticker. Then, after so many stickers (10 maybe?) he gets to pick something out of a toy bucket (toys, suckers, etc). I'm hoping to get him to WANT to sit on the potty and I'm not above bribing him to do it. LOL.

If he p*es or p*ops in the potty, well that will be cause for celebration and I'll figure out what to do for that when it happens. At this point, I don't forsee that anytime soon.


Lainey-Paney said...

the most consistent potty trick around here is: you have to potty before you get in the bathroom. Now he just knows & goes once he's undressed & ready for a bath.

We printed out a sticker chart w/ Dora & other little characters on it. It may have been from the pull-ups website.

Our deal: you fill up the whole chart, you get to pick out whatever toy you want! (we were desperate!) Also, if you poop in the potty (we're still waiting), that's automatic--drop everything--we're going to whatever store is open to get you a prize--situation. I'm desperate for this child to go to the bathroom, and if bribery works, then I'm all for it.

Also, check out the Chuck E. Cheese website. They do a potty-training reward.